Francine et Graindesel, by Albert-Samuel Brodeur

Albert-Samuel Brodeur studied arts in Montréal and commenced working as a lithographer. At the age of 16, he was working for the Burland & Company firm, followed by a stint with the George Bischop Engraving Company. As an artist, he went to work for La Presse in 1891, and became the paper's regular illustrator. He became art director in 1903. Also a caricaturist, Brodeur cooperated with Henri Julien on Hector Berthelot's Le Violon in 1886, and also on Le Passepartout.

He became head of Le Canard in 1893, and produced several caricatures with 'Le Père Ladébauche', a character created by Berthelot. Brodeur additionally cooperated on Passe-Temps with Napoléon Savard, Edmond-J. Massicotte and Raould Barré. For the Société Saint-Jean Baptiste in Montréal, Brodeur made several picture stories. He participated in the first two series of 'Contes historiques de la Société Saint-Jean-Baptiste' in 1919. In 1920, he created the comic strip 'Francine et Graindesel' for L'Oiseau Bleu, one of Quebec's first children's magazines. Albert-Samuel Brodeur was also a book illustrator.

comic art by Brodeur

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