Thru the Door by Ben Brown and Gantz
'Thru the Door' (Journey Into Mystery #2, August 1952).

Comic book artist Ben Brown contributed to many American comic books of the 1950s, often in cooperation with fellow artist Dave Gantz. They worked on the horror and love titles published by Atlas and Toby Press, including 'Great Lover Romances', 'John Wayne', 'The Purple Claw', 'Adventures into Weird Worlds' and 'Justice Comics'. Other artists who made comics based on John Wayne were Art Helfant and Al Williamson.

Brown and Gantz made creator-owned features like 'Beanbags' and 'Private Bragg' for Ziff-Davis. Brown's Quality credits include funny animal material like 'Buster Bear', 'Buzzy Rabbit' and 'Marmaduke Mouse'. He was also present at Stanmor with 'Hector' and 'Peter Cottontail' and at Lev Gleason with contributions to 'Black Diamond', 'Crime Does Not Pay', 'Dilly Duncan' and 'Iron Jaw'.

The Purple Claw by Ben Brown
'The Purple Claw' #1 (January 1953).

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