Professor Ambrosius by Gideon Brugman
Professor Ambrosius (Pep #2, 1970)

Gideon Brugman studied advertising at the Academy of Rotterdam, and subsequently worked for several advertising agencies. He also made illustrations for the science fiction magazine Galaxis and began a collaboration with the Dordrecht artist Theo Kemp. Brugman's 'Rick Random' was also published in Galaxis (under the pseudonym Milton Davis) and collected in two books by publisher Vector in 1965.

Commando Moustache, by Gideon Brugman
Kommando Moustache

Brugman and Kemp were asked by the Hague publishing house Gondolex to make a comic about an international peace squad. Two books were published in 1966 and Brugman also contributed to the comic album 'Boemerang'. This book was never officially released due to the disappearance of the publishing house. One of the unpublished stories was however rebuilt by Brugman and scriptwriter Lo Hartog van Banda to 'Zonk en Stronk', and appeared in the magazine Spirou/Robbedoes in 1969.

Advertisement, by Gideon Brugman
advertising comic by Gideon Brugman

Between 1970 and 1975, he made his best known series for magazine Pep with Ruud Ringers (first story) and Hartog van Banda. 'Professor Ambrosius' was about a professor in "shuddering". Several book publications followed, but the series was cancelled when Pep was absorbed in Eppo magazine in 1975.

Patty, by Gideon Brugman
Patty (Tina, 1975)

From 1971 to 1976, he drew the series about pop singer 'Patty' in girls magazine Tina, also in collaboration with Hartog van Banda. After this he returned to advertising and painting, producing comics only incidentally, for magazines like Essef. In 1996 he teamed up with Orion Roos, the owner of comics shop Ambrosius in Groningen, to make new 'Ambrosius' stories. Five new books were self-published until 2010, and a sixth was left unfinished. Gideon Brugman passed away on 9 July 2011, two days before his 69th birthday. He was the brother of comic artist Carry Brugman.

Professor Ambrosius by Gideon Brugman
Professor Ambrosius - De Ruïnes van Doem

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