De Partners, by Carry Brugman
De Partners

Born in Dordrecht, Carry Brugman attended the Art Academy in Amsterdam. He did his first work for a small publisher in The Hague, Gondolex. For this publisher, he created the comic 'Gnollem en Gabbernach' for 'Boemerang', a comic album that also included work by his brother Gideon. The album was already printed, but not released due to the company's bankruptcy in 1967.

Joris Jofel, by Carry Brugman
Joris Jofel

He briefly worked for Toonder Studios from 1969 to 1970, before he joined the publishing house Oberon. There, he illustrated several covers, spreads and headers for Sjors, and he started his first comic series, 'Joris Jofel', about a boy that can't be frightened, with scripts by Ruud Ringers and later Andries Brandt (1971-74).

Jules en Ollie - Tam Tam in Rotterdam, by Carry Brugman
Jules en Ollie - Tam Tam in Rotterdam

Also with writer Brandt, and also for Sjors, he created short stories with 'Professor Breinbreier' in 1974 and 1975. When Sjors and Pep merged to Eppo, Brugman took on a more realistic style and started the adventure series 'De Partners' with scripts by Dick Matena (1976-84) and later Jacques Post (1985-93). Brugman and Matena revived the series when Eppo magazine was relaunched in 2009.

Duckies by Carry Brugman
Duckies (Donald Duck #25, 2008)

In the 1990s, he cooperated on the collection 'Jules en Ollie - Stedenstrips' of the publishing house KBU, with stories about Amersfoort, Rotterdam and Amstelveen. He illustrated stories for girl's magazine Tina, did advertising assignments and illustrated Disney stories starring 'Gyro Gearloose' and the 'Duckies' for the Dutch Donald Duck weekly until 2007. From 2001 to 2014 he took over the comic series 'Sam & Sam' from Rob Phielix, which was published in Samsam, a monthly about children in development countries (scripts by Willem Ritstier). Carry Brugman announced his retirement in 2014, following the publication of the final 'Partners' story in Eppo.

Burt Becker, Carry Brugman - charicatural version
Burt Becker - caricatural version

Burt Becker, Carry Brugman - semi-realistic version
Burt Becker - semi-realistic version

Burt Becker, Carry Brugman - realistic version
Burt Becker - realistic version

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