Krent by Alfred Bryan
'Krent', in De Waarheid (11 January 1985). Translation: "Humans are the most beautiful creatures, because they pack up their own waste in paper and throw it away afterwards." 

Alfred Bryan was a Dutch comic artist, illustrator and cartoonist, who drew the short-lived comic strip 'Krent' (1985) for the Communist newspaper De Waarheid, in collaboration with Marc de Boer

In the early 1980s Bryan studied to become a drawing teacher. In January 1985 he became one of the new artists of the comics section of the Communist newspaper De Waarheid. The page was mostly filled by artists affiliated with the Comic Collectief, among them Marc De Boer. Bryan drew the somewhat offbeat comic strip 'Krent' from 3 January until 1 April 1985. It consisted of a couple of abstract characters who either made corny jokes or philosophical remarks. The early installments were written by De Boer. Bryan also worked with the Comic Collectief members De Boer and Ernst van Veenendaal on some animation projects. His further whereabouts are unknown.

Krent by Alfred Bryan
'Krent', in De Waarheid (26 February 1985). Translation: "How come you're always so dirty after you've worked?" - "I do undeclared work." (A pun on "zwart werken", literally translated "working in black.") 

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