Bingo by Marc de Boer

Marc de Boer is a Dutch comic artist and cartoonist for newspapers, mostly active in the Zaan region. Most of De Boer's solo work of the 1980s was made under the pen name Maraboe, and was reminiscent of the adult-oriented work of French humorists like Jean-Marc Reiser and Georges Wolinski. He turned to a more child-friendly tone and style for his comic strip 'Bingo' in Courant Nieuws van de Dag and his work for Noordhollands Dagblad. His gags rely heavily on corny humor, visual jokes and wordplay.

Born in 1965, De Boer was still a kid when he published the first seven issues of his stencilled amateur comics magazine Baal with his friend Albert-Jan Bulterman in 1979. Nine more followed between 1981 and 1984, and during this period Kerst Brouwer, Wim Burggraaf, Danny De Haes (Tosti), Frits Keizer, Remco de Korte, Edward Koster, Chooferd Mesman, Ben van de Outenaar, Rinus Peters, Frans Smits (Snarf), Klaas Visscher and Herwin Walravens also contributed. Furthermore, the Flemish cartoonist Pirana and established names from the alternative Dutch comics scene also made appearances in Baal, such as Paul Bodoni, Peter Pontiac, Mark Smeets and Hendrik J. Vos. De Boer also contributed to other small press publications, such as Henry van Hooff's Coyote, Remco de Korte's Rats and Ernst van Veenendaal's TNT. Other early work by De Boer appeared in the local newspaper De Zaanlander, the student magazine Propria Cures and the first eight issues of Rhaa Lovely, the Dutch edition of Fluide Glacial (1982). His 'Zotverdorie' cartoons were published in Panorama. Much of Maraboe's adult-oriented comics and cartoons were collected by Amice and Drukwerk in books like 'Ik ben het zot', 'Hoezo dwaas', 'Cucurico', 'Prettig Gestoord' and 'Zotverdorie!' between 1982 and 1985.

cartoon by Maraboe

By 1984 he teamed up with Herwin Walravens and Ernst van Veenendaal to form the Comic Collectief in Amsterdam. The team plotted together, and was largely responsible for the comics section of the Communist newspaper De Waarheid from late 1984 through mid 1985. 'Supernutz' was a joint effort of Van Veenendaal and De Boer about a clumsy superhero, and appeared sporadically in the paper in October and November 1984. From November 1984 onwards, the Collectief team gradually replaced De Waarheid's more experienced comics artists Hein de Kort ('Korte Grappen'), Wim Stevenhagen ('Han & Hanneke') and Eric Schreurs ('Retep'). De Boer provided his own strip about 'Ranonkel Verbogge' (3 January through 1 April 1985), alternately a bankrobber, barfly, husband or an average man in the street. He also wrote gags of 'Krent' (3 January through 1 April 1985) for Alfred Bryan and 'Tater de Kater' (4 through 28 June 1985) for Ernst van Veenendaal. Van Veenendaal also provided 'Thijs Anijs' (6 November through 31 December 1984) and 'Loenies' (2 April through 3 June 1985), while Walravens drew 'Red Cat' (2 April through 18 May 1985) under the pen name Herrie. Friends of the trio, mostly former contributors to TNT, Rats and Baal, also made comic strips for De Waarheid, such as Remco de Korte ('Rats', 3 January through 1 April 1985), Gerrit Geitenoog ('Ondermaten', 4 April through 23 May 1985), Kerst Brouwer ('Het lot(h) van Jonas', 31 May through 29 June 1985) and a certain René ('Los Cocos', 30 May through 26 June 1985). De Waarheid dropped its comics section in mid 1985. A farewell strip by Ernst van Veenendaal and Marc de Boer appeared on 1 July 1985.

Ranonkel Verbogge by Maraboe
De Waarheid, 26 February 1985

With Van Veenendaal and Alfred Bryan, De Boer has also attempted to make animated films of 'Tater de Kater', and the Collectief team furthermore released a parody of Donald Duck weekly called 'Bad Duck' in 1985. Later in 1985 De Boer moved from De Waarheid to the socialist newspaper Het Vrije Volk. His comic strip about pub-crawler 'Jans Dans' (1985-1988) made its debut on the youth's page Onwijs on 27 September 1985. For this strip De Boer abandoned his rough sketchy approach and settled in a style which suggests influences from the Atomic Style. 'Jans Dans' appeared irregularly on the Onwijs page for three years, with the final gag appearing on 4 June 1988. In the meantime, Onwijs also ran Ernst van Veenendaal's 'Onwystrip' (13 November 1986 - 30 April 1988). 

Jans Dans (Het Vrije Volk, 20 December 1985)

Marc de Boer is the only member of the Comic Collectief who has remained active as a cartoonist. In 1985, he created the comic strip about the zany dog 'Bingo'. The strip appeared in newspaper Courant Nieuws van de Dag from 1991, and was also published in newspapers in Aruba (Dagblad voor Aruba) and Belgium (Het Laatste Nieuws, De Nieuwe Gazet) from 1993 on. Two book collections of 'Bingo' were published by Drukwerk in 1997.

Mensenkinderen (Dagblad Zaanstreek, 4/10/2008)
Mensenkinderen (Dagblad Zaanstreek, 4/10/2008)

Since the early 1990s, De Boer is the house cartoonist for the Dagblad Zaanstreek supplement of the regional newspaper Noordhollands Dagblad (previously called De Typhoon), which is distributed in the towns of the Zaan district of North Holland. He makes a daily topical cartoon based on the regional news, and for a long time he also made a cartoon or comic for the weekly children's page 'Mensenkinderen' (from 1994 on). A selection of his work for 'Mensenkinderen' was published in book format under the title 'Vroemkool & Snelderij' in 2008. In 2002-03 he illustrated a series of local Zaan rhymes by Klaas Woudt for the paper, which were collected in the book 'Op een Hebbel en een Drebbel'. He also makes the comic strip 'Willem en Max', a spoof on the Dutch royal couple, for the free quarterly royalty magazine Oranje Boven.

Willem en Max by Marc de Boer

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