De Kat, by Hendrik J. Vos

Hendrik J. Vos was born in Dordrecht, The Netherlands in 1946. He received his art education at the Academy of Art in Arnhem and worked as a teacher at the same institute for many years. He became an illustrator and did incidental comic art jobs, mainly for independent publishers and "adult" comic magazines. In the 1970s and 1980s, he occasionally contributed comics to De Vrije Balloen, Aloha, Wordt Vervolgd, Titanic and his own sci-fi magazine Krypton (1984).

cover by Hendrik J. Voscover by Hendrik J. Vos

Together with Martin Lodewijk, he revived the classic 1940s pulp character 'De Kat', originally created by Henk Albers. Vos' debut album, 'De Kat in Constantinopel', was published in 1980. Together with Hans Pieko, Ronald van Vemden and Ben Jansen, he formed the final incarnation of the legendary comics group Studio Arnhem from the late 1980s until 1994. After Ben Jansen's death, the team became part of the Funny Farm studio of Kees de Boer. During this period, Vos mostly worked on illustration work. After a long period of silence, Vos made a return to the comic world with the album 'De Prins en de Paardekop' (1999), a collection of his SF and fantasy stories for Wordt Vervolgd and Titanic.

Hendrik J. Vos comic in Aloha
Hendrik J. Vos in Aloha (1974).

He returned once again in 2006 with the launch of the 'Edelpulp' series, published under his own Saturnus label. The series started with a new album of De Kat, 'De Kat in de Karpaten'. His new sciencefiction story 'De Quark-Generator' starring Jack Slender was published in MYX magazine and collected in album afterwards. Vos also contributed to the 'Bloeddorst' horror anthology.

De Prins van de Paardekop, by Hendrik J. Vos

De Kat in de Karpaten, by Hendrik J. Vos

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