Het lot(h) van Jonas by Kerst Brouwer
'Het Lot(h) van Jonas', De Waarheid, 4 June 1985. 

Kerst Brouwer was a Dutch comic artist who drew stories for amateur comic magazines and the Communist newspaper De Waarheid during the first half of the 1980s. 

Early years and career
Kerst Brouwer was born in 1953 in Enschede, where he also took evening courses in drawing and painting at the Academy of Arts and Industry. He started making comics in the late 1970s, following an announcement in comics news magazine Stripschrift. He resumed his activities in 1982, when he started publishing his work on a regular base in Marc de Boer's amateur comic magazine Baal (1982-1984). 

De Waarheid
His humorous sci-fi comic strip 'Het Lot(h) van Jonas' ran in Communist newspaper De Waarheid from 31 May through 29 June 1985. Brouwer was part of a new generation of artists which filled the paper's comics section in 1985, and appeared alongside 'Loenies' and 'Tater de Kater' by Ernst van Veenendaal, and 'Los Cocos' by a certain René. Earlier that year, the paper had published strips by Herwin Walravens, Marc de Boer, Gerrit Geitenoog, Remco de Korte and Tosti, mostly (former) contributors to the amateur comic magazines Rats, TNT and Baal. Brouwer's feature was remarkable because it was the only serial among gag strips. The section seems to be a testcase for amateur cartoonists, and most them quickly disappeared from the comics radar. Brouwer's further whereabouts are unknown.

Kerst Brouwer
Kerst Brouwer in 1985 (De Waarheid, 31 May 1985). 

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