Ondermaten by Gerrit Geitenoog
'Ondermaten', De Waarheid, 17 May 1985.

Gerrit Geitenoog was the pseudonym of an obscure and otherwise unknown Dutch comic artist, who made a short-lived gag comic titled 'Ondermaten' (1985) for the Communist newspaper De Waarheid. 

Gerrit Geitenoog, real name unknown, was part of a new wave of cartoonists who filled the comics section of Communist newspaper De Waarheid in the first half of 1985. Most of them came from the amateurs comic magazines Rats, TNT and Baal, which were published by Remco de Korte, Ernst van Veenendaal and Marc de Boer, respectively. Geitenoog's cynical strip 'Ondermaten' appeared in De Waarheid from 4 April through 23 May 1985. The main characters all wear sunglasses and/or have pitch black eyes. According to the introduction strip, the artist came from Rotterdam. It seems that the section was a testcase for new cartoonists, although most them quickly disappeared off the comics radar.

'Ondermaten', De Waarheid, 17 April 1985.

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