Het vurige Vitamitje by Jeroen Bullaert
Suske en Wiske - 'Het vurige Vitamitje'.

Jeroen Bullaert is a Flemish comic artist, best known as an assistant to Dirk Stallaert and member of Studio Vandersteen

Life and career
He was born in 1981 in Brugge. Bullaert attended the Sint-Lucas School of Arts in Ghent, where he initially specialized in graphic design and illustration. He then focused on a master in comic art, with Ferry as one of his teachers. Bullaert graduated in 2006. One of the guest jury members that day was Dirk Stallaert. Following the advice of his publisher, Stallaert looked for an assistant and felt the young graduate was an excellent choice. The first series he worked on was Stallaert's gag comic 'Plankgas en Plastronneke' (2004-), written by Urbanus. Bullaert was Stallaert's first assistant, soon followed by Jos Vanspauwen.

Since 2009, Bullaert has also worked on several projects for Studio Vandersteen. His main occupation were the backgrounds and inking of the 22-page 'Suske en Wiske' stories for Dutch TV guide Troskompas. Bullaert's first story was 'Krimson Break' (2009) and he participated in every story until the final one in 2012. Most of these stories were pencilled by Dirk Stallaert, although Bullaert pencilled and inked the story 'Het vurige Vitamitje' (2012) on his own. With Peter Quirijnen he has furthermore drawn the backgrounds of 'De Zappende Ziel' (2011), the 312th installment in the regular 'Suske en Wiske' album series, which was also pencilled by Stallaert. Bullaert also makes illustrations for publishers of educational books, like Die Keure.

Jeroen Bullaert in 2007.


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