Ripley's Believe it or Not, by Adolfo Buylla

Adolfo Buylla (full name: Adolfo Álvarez-Buylla Aguelo) is a Spanish artist, specialized in the science fiction genre. He teamed up with fellow artist Braulio Rodriguez and together they illustrated the 'Flash Gordon'-like 'Diego Valor' series in the 1950s. A noble hero, fighting for justice and morality, 'Diego Valor' was also adapted into a television series. In the early 1970s, he created the science fiction satire 'Yago Veloz', in which many clichés of the genre were ridiculed.

Buylla additionally drew 'Carlos Audaz' in El Campeón de las Historietas, 'Hazañas del Mío Cid' in Flecha Roja and 'El Capitán Trueno'. He contributed to Maga collections like 'El Defensor' and 'Inspector H. Diario de un Detective'. His 1969 series was published in titles like Gaceta Junior, El Wendigo and, in the 1980s, in Transformers.

Diego Valor, by Adolfo Buylla

Since the 1970s, Buylla also worked for foreign publishers. He was present in Marvel's Chiller Giant and Epic Illustrated and DC's war and mystery titles ('G.I. Combat', 'House of Mystery', 'House of Secrets'). He contributed to many of the Gold Key horror titles in the 1970s ('Ripley's Believe it or Not', 'Boris Karloff Tales of Mystery', 'Grimm's Ghost Stories' and 'Twilight Zone').

Buylla additionally worked for Pacific Comics ('Alien Worlds', 1983), Renegade Press (Revolver, 1986), Charlton ('Space": 1999', 1976) and Warren (Creepy, 1981). For the British market, he worked alongside artists like Mike McMahon, for such magazines as 2000 AD. Among his UK credits are the Marvel UK titles 'Doctor Who' (inks, 1981-82) and 'Knights of Pendragon' (inks, 1992).

Yago Veloz, by Adolfo Buylla

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