L'Invisible Casimir, by Gaston Callaud
L'Invisible Casimir (Le Petit Illustré)

Gaston Callaud, who also signed with Call, was an early French comic artist. In the 1920s, he was present Le Pêle-Mêle with 'Les Aventures de Tric et Trac', and in le Ririe, Parisiana and La Vie de Garnison. He cooperated on the advertising magazine La Revue du Cires Sultanes from 1931 to 1934, together with artists like Louis Forton, Maurice Cuvillier and Tybalt. Upon the death of Louis Forton in 1934, he took over the 'Bibi Fricotin' series in the magazines Le Petit Illustré and L'As. Callaud drew five episodes of this series until 1940. After World War II, the series was continued by Pierre Lacroix.

Bibi Fricotin, by Gaston CallaudBibi Fricotin, by Gaston Callaud

Callaud was also a frequent contributor to L'Épatant, and in this magazine, he created 'Patafiole, roi des Fumistes' (1927), 'Paris-Baltimore' (1930), 'Dédé Pasdebile, Détective' (1932-34), 'Totoche et le Professeur Trompette' (1935) and 'Toto le Kostec' (1938. In Junior, he drew 'Quart-de-Bock' (1936) and in Hardi 'Sirocco Gardien du Zoo' (1937).

Bibi Fricotin, by Gaston Callaud

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