Clemente, by Caloi (Carlos Loiseau)

Carlos Loiseau was a popular Argentinian cartoonist, best known under his pen name Caloi. Born in Salta, in 1948 he was raised in Adrogué and Buenos Aires. He did his first work for the satirical weeklies published by Juan Carlos Colombres. His cartoons were published in the weekly magazine Tia Vicenta in 1966, and his first comic strip, 'Artista, Flor, Ejecutivo', appeared in the following year in María Belén.

Clemente, by Caloi (Carlos Loiseau)

He was the chief cartoonist for the Humor and Politics section of the news weekly Análisis from 1968 until 1971. In 1968, he started publishing in newspaper Clarín, where he created his popular comic strip 'Clemente' in 1973. Caloi's strip about the bird of a Buenos Aires tram conductor commented on social and current events, sometimes controversially against the dictatorship of the time, and appeared on the paper's back page for decades. Book collections followed, as well as a TV show in the 1980s.

Caloi has additionally published in Satyricón (1972-74), Mengano (1974-76) and El Gráfico (1976-82), among other publications. He has written scripts for theater and advertisements as well as TV series like 'La Barra de Dolina' (1988). Much of his work has been collected in books since 1968. Despita a declining health, he released his sole full-length animation film, 'Ánima Buenos Aires', in May 2012. The artist passed away five days later, at the age of 63.

His character Clemente has a statue in Buenos Aires, as part of the 'Paseo de la Historieta' ('Comics Walk'), located in the Balcarce street, nr. 400. 

Clemente, by Caloi (Carlos Loiseau)

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