Jacula, by Giorgio Cambiotti

Giorgio Cambiotti was one of the pioneers of Italian erotic comics. He worked at the Studio Rosi from 1968. There, he drew several episodes of 'Kriminal', 'Messalina', and 'Reno Kid'. He best known as the creator of 'Jacula', the heroine vampire and main character of around 100 adventures from 1969 to 1982. The comic also reached a French and German audience.

Cambiotti also drew stories for the German ('Perry Rhodan'), British ('Artiglio D'Acciaio') and the US ('Twilight Zone', 'Star Trek', stories for Starstream) markets. In the 1970s, he drew 'La Donna di Satana' and 'Yasmine', and cooperated with the publishing house Spada, where he drew several stories with 'Mandrake' and 'The Phantom' in 1972. He then started contributing to Ediperiodici, Eura Editoriale, and Casa Editrice Universo.

Collecting Team, by Giorgio Cambiotti

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