Volpetto by Sergio Rossi

Sergio Rosi was an author of Italian humor comics during the 1950s and 1960s, and them embarked on a career as author of adult-oriented comic books. In 1953-1954, he was present in the girls' magazine Bimbebelle of Casa Editrice Centrale with the features 'Simonetta' and 'Il Principe Scimmiotto', in cooperation with Gianni Caratelli. Rosi and Caratelli were also present in Eroi del West by Editrice Romana Periodici with the feature 'Cichito' in 1954-1955.

Between 1957 and 1961, he drew for the girls' comic book Lulù (or La Mia Lulù), and was head of its publishing label SEIC. Rosi was responsible for the title comic with writer Renata Gelardini, and for the 'Volpetto' feature, that was inspired by J. Chandler Harris' 'Uncle Remus' stories. 'Volpetto' also appeared in the collection Albi del Quadrifoglio by Casa Editrice Centrale from 1958, and in magazines like Telezecchino. Rosi was furthermore responsible for the short-lived children's magazine La Settimana dei Piccoli (1959), that also ran his features 'Mustafà', 'Volpetto' and the strip about the Mexican mice 'Ramirez & Gonzales'. The western comic book 'Bill Revolver' ran for a short period in 1960. Other artists involved in these publishing projects were Giovanni Boselli, Antonio Sciotti, Gaspare De Fiore, Annibale Casabianca, Castellari and Paolo Di Girolamo.

Mustafa by Sergio Rosi

Under the banner "Studio Rosi" (together with Gaspare De Fiore and Giorgio Cambiotti), he began producing more adult-oriented comic books, of which 'Jacula', the queen of vampires by Erregi/Ediperiodici was the longest running (1969-1982). Other titles that contained art by Studio Rosi were 'L'Artiglio D'Acciaio' (Edizioni Bianconi, 1967-1968), 'Lucifero' (Ed. L.P., 1973-1974), 'Carne Bollente' (Edizione Produzione Periodici, 1987), 'Sensi' (Publishing Magazine, 1989), 'Sexy Club' (Publishing Magazine, 1989-1990) and 'Top Story' (Publishing Magazine, 1989-1990).

Rosa was also a teacher in Comic Art and Animation at the International School of Comics in Rome. The activities of his Studio Rosi were continued by his son Sandro.

Jacula by Studio Rosi
Jacula #10, by Studio Rosi

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