Alan Braddock, by Gerardo Canelo
Alan Braddock (Fantasia, 1981)

Gerardo Canelo is an Argentinian comic book artist from José Mármol, in the province of Buenos Aires. After high school, he attended Daniel Haupt's Pan American Cartoon School for three years, and then did his first assignments in the advertising field. He began his career in comics in 1968 and since 1975, he has worked exclusively as a comic artist for the publishing house Columba.

His first notable work was the adaptation of 'Legión Africana' in cooperation with Eraña for D'Artgagnan in 1976. He then worked with scriptwriter Ray Collins on serials like 'Alan Braddock' (1978-1989) and 'Rocky Keegan' (1979-1990s). In the 1980s, while also working for British and American publishers, he teamed up with Julio Alvarez Cao to work on the series 'Carbajo, Ganzúa y Cía'. This 1930s crime serial was published in D'Artagnan between 1984 and 1991.

Port Douglas, by Gerardo Canelo (Fantasia, 1991)
Port Douglas (Fantasia, 1991)

In addition, he created 'Francisco Monterrey' for Intervalo, 'Manhatan Force' for El Tony and 'Port Douglas' in Fantasía. Since 1990 he has made short stories for Pucará magazine, like 'Liberato Liberali' and 'Norte/Sur'. His final works for Columba include 'Matador' (1993-95) and 'Lento Duggan'.

Outside of Argentina, his work has been published in Germany, the USA, Spain, France and Cuba. For the Italian market, he has made serials like 'Jason Blake', 'Sector 5' and 'Tommy', the latter two with Mazzitelli. In more recent years, he began an association with the Italian publishing house Eura Editoriale, where he draws 'Dago' from scripts by Robin Wood.

La Hoguera (Serranía), by Gerardo Canelo
La Hoguera (Serranía)

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