comic art by Sergio Cariello

Sergio Cariello has drawn since early childhood. He created the detective 'Frederico' when he was only 11 years old, and this strip was published in his local newspaper. Later on, he went on to do political caricatures for the same newspaper. He went to study at the Joe Kubert School of Art in the 1980s. He won the Dark Horse scholarship for the second year, and started doing his first professional comics work for Caliber Press thanks to his brother, also a comic artist. Cariello's first American work was 'Dragon, the Worlds of HP Lovecraft'. He became a letterer at Marvel. After a fill-in on 'Daredevil', he also began to draw for the company, starting with 'Marvel Comics Presents: Spellbound'. He moved over to DC, where he did 'Deathstroke', 'Guy Gardner', 'Wonder Woman', 'The Green Lantern', 'The Flash', 'Young Heroes in Love', 'Blue Beatle', 'Batman', 'Azrael' and many others. In addition, he has drawn for Todd McFarlane Productions, Disney, Family Life Publishers, Crossgen and ATP. He also began teaching various courses at the Joe Kubert School.

Wonder Woman, by Sergio Cariello

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