Waddles by Ray and Carol Larson

Ray and Carol Carlson were an artist couple known for drawing 'The Adventures of Waddles' for the children's page of The Christian Science Monitor from 1947 to 1953. Carol was born as Carol Louise Hager in Seattle on 13 June 1912. They succeeded Carol's father George Hager and aunt Mary Hager Dearborn, who had worked on the feature as "The Hagers" since 1925. The duck character was in fact a continuation 'Dok's Dippy Duck', which Carol's grandfather Dok Hager drew for The Seattle Daily Times in the 1910s. By the time Carol and Raymond Carlson took over, 'Waddles' had evolved from a children's feature in rhyme to an funny animal adventure comic.

The Adventures of Waddles in the Stripper's Guide

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