Waddles by The Hagars

George Hager was an American comic artist and magazine editor of The Christian Science Monitor. He and his sister Mary Hager continued their father's comic series 'Dok's Dippy Duck' under the title 'The Adventures of Waddles' between 1925 and 1945.

Early life and career
Luther George Hager was born in 1885 in Indiana.  He was the son of John Hager, a newspaper cartoonist better known as Dok Hager. George studied art at the University of Washington and the Arts Student League in New York, where cartoonist William Charles McNuity was a teacher. While Dok Hager published in The Seattle Daily Times, George choose for a rival newspaper, The Seattle Post-Intelligencer. In the 1920s he became an editor for the children's page in The Christian Science Monitor.

In 1925 Dok Hager became blind. George took over his comic series 'Dok's Dippy Duck', which had run in The Seattle Daily Times as a comedic way to illustrate the weather forecasts. The series was retitled 'The Adventures of Waddles', after its anthropomorphic duck protagonist. George provided the artwork while his sister Mary Hager Dearborn wrote the stories. Both were credited as "The Hagers". After George Hager died in 1945, the 'Waddles' strip was continued by his daughter Carol Hager Carlson and her husband Ray Carlson until 1953.

Cartoon by George Hager

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