Histoire de M. Vertpé, by Cham

Amédée de Noé, who became famous as Cham, was a French caricaturist and lithographer. Born in Paris, he studied at the School of Fine Arts. He abandoned a career in the military to become an illustrator. From 1835, Cham illustrated for Le Charivar, L'Illustration, Punch à Paris, Le Gaulois, Le Journal Amusant and La Lune. The publisher Aubert printed several albums by Cham from 1839, including 'Histoire de M. Lajaunisse', 'Histoire de M. Vertpré', 'Histoire de M. Lamélasse', 'Histoire de M. Jobbard' and 'Les Voyages de M. Trottman'.

In his early work, Cham was strongly influenced by Rodolphe Töpffer. He even was considered an imitator at the time, though later on, in his albums 'Histoire de M. Jobard', 'Histoire de M. Vertpé' and 'Deux vieilles filles vaccinées', Cham introduced new storytelling techniques, which became of influence to none other than Töpffer himself! Cham also cooperated with Töpffer on 'Histoire de Monsieur Cryptogame' (1845), and this book was Töpffer's first international success, with translations in English, German and Scandinavian languages. Cham continued to create comic albums, most of them published by Aubert and Michel Levy. During his life, Cham produced over 4000 drawings, many of them caricatures and sketches of French and Algerian life.

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