'Follow Me In'.

Katriona Chapman is a British cartoonist and illustrator, based in London. After trying out autobiographical comics and travelogues in her self-published 'Katzine' series, she combined the two in her breakthrough graphic novel, 'Follow Me In' (2018). It was followed by 'Breakwater' (2020), an intimate fiction graphic novel.

Early life and career
Katriona "Kat" Chapman was born in 1978 in London, where she graduated from Goldsmiths College in 2001 with a first class degree in Literature. She became a freelance illustrator, working with traditional techniques like watercolor, pencils and colored pencils. She was a children's book illustrator associated with publishers in the UK, the USA and Australia - specializing in the fields of world cultures and myths & legends - before trying her hand at comics. Far from a stay-at-home, Chapman loves to travel, and has lived in various different places, including Brighton and Amsterdam. Her experiences are captured in her illustrated travelogues and diary comics, which she publishes online and in small-press books and zines under the name Tomatito Press. Inheriting her artistic talents from her painter mother, Chapman is a self-taught artist. Her main graphic influences are indie comic creators like Peter Bagge, Eleanor Davis and Jon McNaught.

'The Eagle' (from: Katzine).

Autobiographical comics
In 2015, she launched her 'Katzine' series of zines. The comic books collect personal stories, observations, travelogues, as well as the recurring 'Sergio Talk' feature, that chronicles the funny things her boyfriend says. After eight issues, Chapman felt she was ready for a full-blown graphic novel. In a mix between a travelogue and autobiography/therapy session, 'Follow Me In' (2018) chronicles her life-changing 2003-2004 trip through Mexico, during which the author broke up an unhealthy relationship, rediscovered her love of art and found the strength to move on. The book was released by Avery Hill Publishing, the company of which she is also the head of marketing.

'Lost' (short story inspired by real events).

In 2020, Avery Hill published Chapman's next graphic novel, the critically acclaimed fiction story 'Breakwater'. It tells the story of an introvert loner girl called Chris, who since many years works in an art deco Brighton picture house. Her steady life is about to change when her new co-worker, Dan, gradually becomes a part of her life. With fragility, intimacy and subtlety, the author shows the inner struggles of her protagonist, who must decide if she is willing to come out of her comfortable social isolation and allow other people's problems into her life. The book was selected by the New York Times as one of the best graphic novels of 2020.

Katriona Chapman's art has been exhibited in one of the Association of Illustrator's "Best of Contemporary British Illustration" exhibitions, and also in the National Exhibition of Wildlife Art and at the Shunt Vaults in London.



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