Paraplu, by Ole Comoll Christensen

Ole Comoll Christensen's first work was published in 1981, but it was not until 1991 that he felt he made his breakthrough as a comic artist. Professionally a medic, he discovered that his work and his ambitions as an artist do not mix. He made the bold decision to leave his medical career. To make money, he did some translation work for Danish TV, which proved a good practice in writing concise scenarios. He also designed computer games and worked for Lego for a while.

Excreta, Ole Comoll Christensen

His first album, '1.Mar Mysteriet Surn' ('Mayday Mysteries'), was made together with writer Niels Sondergaard. This first effort was followed by 'Den Anden Praesident' (1993) and 'Det Tredje Ojet' (2001). His work, 'Excreta', draws on his experience as a doctor for seven tales about bodily fluids. It is drawn in an endearingly simplistic, almost naive style. Christensen now works at studio Gimle in Kopenhagen, where he is part of the underground section together with Peter Snejbjerg. His comics are published by Farenheit (Denmark), Stripburger (Slovenia), Zone 5300 (Holland) and Krautsalat (Belgium).

comic about the Stripdagen Haarlem, by Ole Comoll Christensen

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