World War X by Peter Snejbjerg
World War X

Peter Snejbjerg Nielsen is a comic book artist from Copenhagen, who is best-known for his work for American publishers like Dark Horse, Vertigo and DC. He was educated at Kolding Kunsthåndværkerskole and began his career with Rune Fleischer and the Den Blå Bil studios in Odense in 1986. Among his early creations are short stories for the comic magazine Kulørte sider, and the epic science fiction fantasy 'Hypernauten', of which a book was published in 1990.

He collaborated with Hendrik Rehr on several hundred pages of 'Kurt Olsons Tidning' ('Kurt Olsson's Newspaper'), and made the Indiana Jones-like album 'Den skjulte protokol' ('The Hidden Protocol') with Morten Hesseldahlpages. He contributed to publisher Tellerup's horror anthology 'Slim' in 1991 and subsequently started to work for the American market. He drew the Lovecraftian horror comic 'Lords of Misrule' for Atomeka Press/Dark Horse Presents, and also worked on a 'Tarzan' story with Henning Kure for Malibu Comics.

Books of Magic, by Peter Snejbjerg
Books of Magic

He is best known for his work on Vertigo's gothic horror title 'The Books of Magic' between 1994 and 1997 and his contributions to Terry LaBan's 'The Dreaming' (1996-1998) and DC's 'Starman' (1999-2001). In 2001 he drew issues of 'Justice League of America' and by 2003 he made the 'Batman' graphic novel 'Batman: Detective 27' with Michael Uslan. Other notable creations are the DC mini-series 'The Light Bridgade' (2004) and 'The Mighty' (2009) with Peter Tomasi and Keith Champagne, as well as the 200 page graphic novel 'A God Somewhere' with John Arcudi for Wildstorm in 2010.

The Light Brigade by Peter Snejbjerg
The Light Brigade

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