Heroic cover by Christoa

Brussels artist Christian Godard, who used the pseudonym Christo, began his career shortly after World War II. He made 'Toche et Marc Slip' and 'Toche et Jim Chewing', as well as 'Le Démon Vert', his best known work published by Campéador in 1946. He began his association with Fernand Cheneval's Heroïc Albums in 1948 with the series 'Tybius Croquy et Petit', that consisted of 7 stories. In the early 1950s he made the continuing story 'Le Crâne d'Or' and two stories of 'Jim Grant'. From 1951 he made historical stories, that appeared in France in Johnny Texas (published by Jacquiers), as well as adaptations of literary works.

comic art by Christo

He continued to work for Heroïc in 1953 with ten stories of the western series 'Angel Roy'. In 1955 he made comics versions about the lives of 'Mata-Hari l'Espionne' and 'Nostradamus'. He moved from Belgium to France in the late 1950s, and continued to work as an illustrator for Larousse and Reader's Digest until his retirement. Christo passed away in 1995 and the age of 71. The publisher La Vache Qui Médite reprinted his classic story 'Le Démon Vert' in its collection Campéador, that was named after the original publisher, in January 2010.

Angel Roy, by Christo
Angel Roy

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