Island of Fear, by Fernand Cheneval

Fernand Cheneval was a Swiss-Belgian comic artist and publisher, who also used the pseudonyms of Chenn, Lola Tabou, F. Oakdale and F. Thiry. He is best known for founding Heroïc Albums (1945-1956), a weekly comic magazine with a focus on action and adventure stories.

Early life and comics career
Cheneval was born in 1928. in Les Eaux Vives, a Swiss district, as the son of Swiss parents. He later moved to Belgium, where the young man began his career with publisher Guy Depière in 1942. Two years later, he succeeded Fred Funcken and Marcel Moniquet on 'Akkor, Roi de la Planète' and 'Robin Moderne', both published in Depière's Bimbo magazine.

comic art by Fernand Chenevalcomic art by Fernand Cheneval

Heroïc Albums
In October 1945, at the age of 17, Cheneval launched his own title Héroïc-Albums with both a Walloon and a Flemish edition, taking several artists from Depière's team with him. He was chief editor until December 1956, filling its pages with work by Maurice Tillieux, François Craenhals, Tibet, Greg, Jidéhem, Moniquet, Weinberg, Christo, Dineur, Leika, or himself, and inventing characters like pilot Bill Flight, detectives Nick Mask and Tim Tom, journalist Attila and Leo Walon.

Gangsters, by Fernand Cheneval

Later career
After he demise of Héroïc, Cheneval focused on a career in advertising, but he continued to make several short historical stories for Tintin magazine based on scripts by Yves Duval, between 1957 and 1968. He also introduced a new character, called 'Masque d'Argent', in 1967 and 1968.

Revival of Heroïc Albums
In 1969, he tried to revive Heroïc Albums in cooperation with Volkswagen and petrol company Fina. The relaunch marked the appearance of a new hero, 'Bruno Francorchamps', but the revival was short-lived. The magazine folded after seven issues, after which Cheneval returned to his advertising work.

He passed away in Brussels in 1991, at age 73.

Photo of Fernand Cheneval

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