'Sus et Flup' (Spirou #21, 25 May 1939).

Joë Muray, pseudonym of Raymond de Meulenaere, was one of the earliest local contributors to the Belgian comic magazine Spirou, along with Rob-Vel, Fernand Dineur and Jijé. He is generally referred to as "Joe Murray", but the actual spelling is with one "r". Author Frans Lambeau mentions in his book 'Dictionnaire Illustré de la Bande Dessinée Belge sous l'Occupation' (André Versaille Éditeur, 2013) that Joë Muray was a pen name of Joë Ceurvorst and that his real name was Joseph Demeulenaere. It is possible that the author used Muray to sign his more caricatural work and Ceurvorst for his realistic and journalistic work, but more clarity on this matter would be welcome. Joë Muray should not be confused with U.S. comic artist and animator Joe Murray (of 'Rocko's Modern Life' fame). 

Header for the 'K.O. Corrigan' serial, credited to Muray but attributed to Joë Ceurvorst.

Sus & Flup
Muray was the author of a comics serial about two adventurous kids called Sus and Flup. It ran as a text comic, with text printed underneath the images, in Spirou issues #14 (6 April 1939) through #43 (26 October 1939). It was presented as a "report by Joë Muray".

K.O. Corrigan
Muray also illustrated the text serial 'K.O. Corrigan', based on a story by Anthony Ford in a translation by editor-in-chief Jean Doisy. The subsequent book publication by Dupuis had at least a cover illustration by F. Vanhamme.

Ohio by Joe Muray
'Ohio De Kleine Nikker'. 

Muray was also present in the first two years of Fernand Cheneval's comic book 'Héroïc Albums', with the comic strip ("film") 'Ohio' (1945-1946), starring a little black kid who leaves his village in search of fortune. The strip is clearly a product of its time, with a stereotypical depiction of the title hero. In the very first strip the title is 'Ohio De Kleine Nikker' ('Ohio, The Little Nigger'), but this is changed to 'Ohio, De Kleine Neger' ('Ohio, the Little Negro') from the second installment on. 

Ohio, by Joe Muray

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