Le Grand Voyage de Slache by Marcel Antoine
Le Grand Voyage de Slache (Spirou #39, 1940)

Marcel Antoine was a cartoonist, caricaturist, illustrator and animator. He was a singer for Radio-Schaerbeek, and he played sketches starring the Bruxelles character 'Slache' for this radio station. 'Slache' also appeared in a series of comic strips published in Spirou magazine in 1939 and 1940 ('Le Grand Voyage de Slache') and in the Flemish version Robbedoes ('De Groote Reis van Toone').

Bill & Bull, by Marcel Antoine

Shortly before World War II, Antoine launched Slache magazine, in which he criticized Degrelle and the nazi movement. During the War, he played in cabarets. Afterwards, he started the humor weekly Pan with Léo Campion and Jean-Léo. Antoine also produced 'Boby' in Le Soir and 'Bill & Bull' in Bravo!, and was the founder of the association of humorous artists La Mine Souriante in 1928.

De Groote Reis van Toone by Marcel Antoine

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