Monsieur VéWé
'Monsieur VéWé à San Cylindro' (Line 104, 8 March 1957).

Not much is known about the artist behind the signature Kari. She was a house cartoonist for the newspaper Le Soir, and responsible for several advertising strips, which appeared in Belgian comics weeklies like Tintin, Line and Spirou in the 1950s.

According to an article in Le Moustique from December 1954, Kari was born in 1925. She spent most of the World War II years in clandestinity, during which she learned herself how to draw. After the Liberation, she became a cartoonist for several Belgian newspapers and magazines, and later also for Belgian television. The article mentioned she was preparing a cartoon collection about Brussels, called 'Bruxelles à gai', but it is unknown if it was ever published? She was mainly known as a cartoonist for the daily Le Soir, where she illustrated the children's page, but also the subscription advertisements, etc. Kari also made illustrations and sports-related gags for Spirou (1951), and illustrations for calendars of the Belgian Federation of Catholic Scouts (1959).

Illustration for Spirou/Robbedoes in 1951.

Advertising comics
During the 1950s and 1960s Kari was the artist of several advertising strips, which appeared in many Belgian comics magazines. Her ad strip for Frisko chocolate, 'Les Exploits de Friskotin et Friskinette', was published in Tintin in 1950. The advertising serial 'Monsieur Véwé à San Cylindro' for Volkswagen ran both in Tintin and its counterpart for girls, Line, in 1957. An extensive campaign with art by Kari for Sheaffer's pens, starring the character 'Zippy', was published in Spirou and Tintin during the first half of the 1960s. One booklet collection called 'Sheaffer's présente Zippy, roi du Far-West' was also published in both the French as the Dutch language.

Another advertising strip by Kari was 'Les Aventures de Tata Bata vendeur d’élite', which was published in an oblong booklet for Bata shoes in Belgian Congo. By the 1980s Kari lived in Uccle, and made illustrations for the publications of Touring-Secours.

Zippy roi du Far West by Kari
'Zippy, roi du Far West' (Dutch edition from Robbedoes #1264, 5 July 1962).

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