Monsieur VéWé
Monsieur VéWé à San Cylindro (Line 104, 8 March 1957)

Kari was a Belgian artist of mainly advertising comics. He drew the ad strip 'Les Exploits de Friskotin et Friskinette' in 1950. His advertising serial 'Monsieur Véwé à San Cylindro' for Volkwagen ran both in Tintin and Line in 1957, and his ad series for Sheaffer's pens starring the character 'Zippy' was published in Spirou and Tintin during the first half of the 1960s. One booklet collection called 'Sheaffer’s présente Zippy, roi du Far-West' was also published, both in the French as the Dutch language. Another advertising strip by Kari was 'Les Aventures de Tata Bata vendeur d’élite' that was published in an oblong booklet for Bata shoes in Belgian Congo. Kari also made some illustrations and gags for Spirou in 1951.

Zippy roi du Far West by Kari
Zippy, roi du Far West (Dutch edition from Robbedoes 1264, 5 July 1962)

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