Cyprien Bravo, by Tenas and Rali

Tenas is the pseudonym for Louis Santels (also spelled as Louis Saintels or Santel, but Santels is most likely the correct spelling). He was a member of La Mine Souriante, the association of humorous artists founded by Marcel Antoine back in 1928. He began his career drawing in a style inspired by American animated cartoons, but he later also turned to a more realistic style. He made several illustrations for Le Moustique in 1945, and was the main contributor to Collection Tommy, the magazine published by Guy Lambert in Brussels shortly after the Liberation. He teamed up with Rali with whom he founded an art studio, which later also included Tibet and André-Paul Duchateau.

Heroic Albums, by Tenas

The studios provided the core of the comics published in the Belgian magazine Bravo! until 1950, replacing the original team Laudy-Jacobs-Vandersteen. Tenas and Rali drew several series together in varying styles, including 'Cyprien Bravo', 'Phill Blue-Eyes', 'Capitaine Hardell', 'Ivanhoé' and, most nobably, 'Morgana' (1944-1946). Tenas and Rali, accompanied by Duchateau, additionally made 'Le Triangle de Feu' for Spirou magazine in 1952.

From Pep, by Tenas 1964
'Pep' from Pep #34, 1964.

From 1950 on, Tenas and his team weres involved in the launch of the Belgian Mickey Magazine, and later became part of the original team of Le Journal de Mickey in France. Tenas was the first artist to draw Disney characters for an original French publication when he illustrated the cover of the magazine's first issue. Besides covers, Tenas also drew a couple of comic stories, including the first installments of the historical series 'Mickey à travers des siècles' by Pierre Fallot, subsequently drawn for many years by Pierre Nicolas.

Onkr, by Tenas

Tenas also made numerous illustrations for the magazine, including Disney-based material, as well as the series 'Onkr' with scripts by Jean Malac and Yvan Delporte (1961-1972). He made covers and the title comic of the Dutch comic magazine Pep by De Geïllustreerde Pers, the latter with André-Paul Duchateau, through the Opera Mundi agency between 1962 and 1964. Tenas additionally worked for Heroic Albums and Story, sometimes using the pan name Tony Nero.

First Cover of Mickey, by TenasCover for Mickey, by Tenas


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