Donald Duck cover, by Endre Lukács 1953
Donald Duck cover starring Saint Nicolas (5 December 1953)

Endre ("André") Lukács was born in Budapest, at the dawn of the twentieth century. He was a commercial illustrator in Vienna before moving to Holland in the 1930s. He continued to work as a commercial artist, and for a couple of years he was employed by the Pätz advertising agency, that was based on the Rokin in Amsterdam. Lukács made illustrations for local publishers like Nederlandsche Keurboekerij N.V. and Johan M. Allis. He also had his own newspaper strip called 'Toon de taxichauffeur', that ran in Het Vrije Volk from November 1947 until March 1948. Algemeen Handelsblad ran his newspaper comic strip 'De wonderlijke avonturen van Pieter Trippelkuit en Janus Buldermuil' from 4 December 1951 until 19 January 1952.

Toon de Taxichauffeur by Endre Lukacs
Toon de taxichauffeur (Het Vrije Volk, 6 March 1948)

After this, he was hired as an illustrator for the magazines of De Geïllustreerde Pers, where he made his mark as the first local artist for the newly launched Donald Duck Weekly Magazine in 1953. He did this for 30 years, designing covers and creating stories. He introduced typical Dutch elements into Donald Duck, such as the characteristic step-gables, Saint Nicolas, and once he even made a story featuring the Dutch soccer team. For the coloring, a time-consuming activity, he got a helping hand from his daughter Chris.

Donald Duck, by Endre Lukacs
Uncle Scrooge story from Donald Duck 32, 1974

Because of his skillfulness, he once got a personal letter from Walt Disney, who complimented him on his Disney artwork. Of course, as a Disney employee, Lukács was never allowed to sign his work - everything was copyrighted by the Disney studios. His significance for the Dutch Donald Duck can be likened to that of Carl Barks in the States. Both men gave Donald Duck a face, and provided generations of children with vivid images of the Disney figures.

Houdt u van Wagner, by Endre Lukacs (Ohee, 1963)
Houdt u van Wagner (Ohee, 1963)

Apart from stories with the Duck characters, Lukács drew back-up stories starring 'The Little Bad Wolf', but also episodes of 'The Flintstones' and 'Top Cat' for GP's De Flintstones comic book. In addition, his artwork appeared in the Belgian magazine Ohee, where he drew stories scripted by Vandergucht. He was an illustrator for newspaper Algemeen Handelsblad and the Real Presse. Endre Lukacs lived in Amsterdam for the largest part of his life, but spent his final years in Nieuw-Buinen, Drenthe, where he passed away in 2001.

advertising comic, by Endre Lukacs
Wat er in de torrenkrant stond en ... De verjaardag van opa kwak, a booklet published by Johan M. Allis in the 1950s

Cover for Ohee, 1963

Endre Lukács in De Nederlandse Stripgeschiedenis
(in dutch)

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