Comic Creator Marcel Moniquet

Marcel Moniquet

Marc Joe, C. de la Rochelle, Odette Lachaumière

(28 November 1896 or 1897 - 23 October 1986, Belgium)   Belgium

Marcel  Moniquet

Aviorix, by Marcel MoniquetAviorix, by Marcel Moniquet

Marcel Moniquet was part of the first generation of Belgian comic artists. Born in Liège, he attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Saint-Gilles. After World War I, he started working as an artist and illustrator at his family's advertising firm, before he began concentrating on comics. His first comic, 'Toto Snuts, Vedette de Cinéma', was published in Sourire du Monde in 1939. He joined the studios of Guy Depière in 1941, where he cooperated on several magazines, like Aventures Illustrées-Bimbo ('Roberjac', 'Tommy Tuller', 'Robin Moderne', 'Le Chevalier Fantôme', 'Master'), Jeep ('Blondine', 'Zim-Boum') and Blondine ('Roland le Justicier', 'La Fée Douceur).

In 1948, he created 'Claudine au Pays des Contes' in Annette. A year later, he created several illustrated biographies for L'Explorateur and he started a collaboration with Fernand Cheneval's Heroïc Albums, for which he created series like 'Jean des Flandres' and 'Aviorix'. The veteran artist was a loyal contributor to the magazine until its demise in 1956, after which he retired from comics. Some of his earlier 'Aviorix' stories were reprinted in the second run of Héroïc in 1969 and 1970.

Aviorix, by Marcel Moniquet

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