Island of Fear, by Fernand Cheneval

Fernand Cheneval, who often used the pseudonyms of Chenn, Lola Tabou, F. Oakdale or F. Thiry, founded the weekly magazine Heroïc-Albums when he was only nineteen years old. In 1942, Cheneval started working at the publisher Guy Depière. Two years later, together with Fred Funcken and Marcel Moniquet, he created 'Akkor, Roi de la Planète' and 'Robin Moderne', both published in Bimbo magazine. Cheneval directed Heroïc-Albums until 1956, collaborating with comic artists such as Maurice Tillieux, François Craenhals, Tibet, Greg, Jidéhem and Weinberg, and inventing characters like pilot Bill Flight, detectives Nick Mask and Tim Tom, journalist Attila and Leo Walon.

comic art by Fernand Chenevalcomic art by Fernand Cheneval

From 1957 until 1968, Fernand Cheneval worked for Tintin magazine, where he created numerous stories from scenarios by Yves Duval. In 1969, he unsuccessfully tried to revive Heroïc-Albums, by launching the series 'Bruno Francorchamps'. He then retired from comics and went into advertising.

Gangsters, by Fernand Cheneval

Photo of Fernand Cheneval

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