Les Filles

Christopher Longé was born in England, but spent most of his childhood in the French Aix-en-Provence. He went to Paris to study graphics. He eventually entered the comics field and founded his independent label, La Comédie Illustrée, where he published his series 'Les Contes Inachevés de David Watts', 'Les Irrecuperables', 'Wauxhall' and 'Boullevard'. He worked with Peyraud on books like 'L'huile sur le Feu' and 'Entre la Poire et le Fromage'.

Les Colocataires, by Christopher

Now settled in Tours, he specializes in telling stories about everyday life, collected in series like 'Les Filles' (Ed. Carabas) and 'All I Need is Love' (Panini). In 2005, he began the series 'Les Colocataires' with Sylvain Runberg in the Expresso collection of the publishing house Dupuis.

Les Filles, by Christopher

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