Les Colocataires, by Christopher
Les Colocataires

Christopher Longé was born in Middlesbrough, England, but spent most of his childhood in Aix-en-Provence in the south of France. He studied graphic arts in Paris, and introduced himself to the comics audience through his own publishing label, La Comédie Illustré. His first publication was the series 'Les Contes Inachevés de David Watts', about a lunar pedestrian in a dreamlike Paris who encounters famous people, from Darwin and Tolstoy to Kurt Cobain. Nine books were published between 1994 and 1999.

David Watts by Christopher
Les Contes Inachevés de David Watts - Wauxhall

Christopher's label also published the books he wrote for Jean-Philippe Peyraud, such as 'Entre la Poire et le Fromage' (1995), 'L'huile sur le Feu' (1995) and 'À boire & à manger' (1998), as well as 'Pour les yeux de Cerise' (1997), that he drew from a script by Jean-Emmanuel Carrié (Treize Étrange). By 1997, he also found his way to other publishing houses. For Treize Étrange, he wrote and drew the crime mystery series 'Treize êtres en jeu' (1997-1999), and he wrote the children's comic 'Le Chemin d'Edam' for Philippe de la Fuente (1999). With writer Mehdi Sahmi, he made the comic strip 'Les Irrécupérables' for the roleplaying game magazine Casus Belli.

Love Song by ChristopherLove Song by Christopher

Settled in Tours with his family since 1999, he specialized in telling (generally humorous) stories about everyday life, starting with his series 'Les Filles', that started at La Comédie Illustrée in 2000 and appears at Éditions Carabas since 2003. In the same genre, he published the graphic novel 'All I Need Is Love' (Panini, 2004), about a single mom in her thirties. With Sylvain Runberg, he made a series of comic under the title , 'Les Colocataires' (Dupuis, 2005-2008), that dealt with three friends in search of a roommate. His four-part graphic novel series 'Love Song' (Le Lombard, 2006-2011) is a coming-of-age story of four friends with a passion for rock music.

Christopher has furthermore contributed to several collective albums, including one about Bob Dylan and one against racial prejudice. He also provided the art for the third book in the series 'Les grandes affaires criminelles et mystérieuses' (De Borée, 2010).

Les Filles
Les Filles

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