'Magias & Barbaridades'. 

Fabio Ciccone is a Brazilian comic artist, known for creating the long-running webcomic series 'Magias & Barbaridades' (2003- ).

Early life and education
Born in Rio de Janeiro in 1982, Fabio Ciccone Rodrigues Alves was three years old when his family moved to Lençóis Paulista in the Central West region of the state of São Paulo. In the capital São Paulo, he attended the Quanta Academia de Artes, and graduated in Advertising from the University of São Paulo (USP). During his studies, he worked as a commercial artist with the Agência de Comunicações ECA Jr. in São Paulo (2002-2003). Between 2013 and 2018, Ciccone additionally studied Law at USP Law School.

Magias & Barbaridades
In July 2003, Ciccone launched his comic strip 'Magias & Barbaridades' ("Spells and Barbarities"), one of the first webcomics in Brazil. Set in a medieval world, this humor comic strip stars three main characters: Remmil, an arrogant wizard, Oc, a barbaric fan of Shakespeare and Idana, a clumsy amazon. Between 2014 and 2016, the 'Magias & Barbaridades' strips have been collected, along with new stories, in book compilations by Jupati Books, an imprint of Marupial Editora: 'Magias & Barbaridades: o tomo de Edmund' (2014), 'Magias & Barbaridades: o caminho da guerreira' (2015) and 'Magias & Barbaridades: vida na cidade' (2016). New episodes were posted on the now-defunct magiasebarbaridades.com.br website and social media platforms until July 2019. Since then, Ciccone has been mostly posting fan art online, experimenting with new techniques.

Graphic contributions
In 2010, Ciccone was invited to participate in the comic book 'MSP +50 - Mauricio de Sousa Por Mais 50 Artistas', in which independent cartoonists from Brazil made their own reinterpretations of the classic characters created by the legendary Brazilian comic artist Mauricio de Sousa.

'Magias & Barbaridades'. 

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