Wibo Werkt by Pieter van Cleef

Pieter van Cleef is a Dutch graphic designer, illustrator and comic artist. He was an editor/translator with the Dutch Donald Duck weekly in the second half of the 1990s, and an editor/reviewer with comics news magazine Stripschrift. He has drawn strips for gay magazines like Gaykrant, Expreszo and Keerkring between 2000 and 2004. Some of these comics were collected in the self-published books 'Stoere Jongens - Slappe Handjes' and 'Camp-hanen'.

Camp-hanen, by Pieter van Cleef

Van Cleef also made the comic 'Dot Comic' for the IT magazine Computable (2000-2003) and 'Wibo Werkt' in the REA-Krant (2005-2011). He lives and works in Amsterdam, after having lived in Frankfurt, Germany for a while.

Camp-hanen, by Pieter van Cleef


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