Otto Honk by Neg Cochran
'Otto Honk' (French-Canadian edition from La Patrie du Dimanche,  26 April 1936).

Negley W. Cochran was an American cartoonist, best known for his work on the long-running newspaper comic strip 'Out Our Way'. He was an assistant to the strip's originator, J.R. Williams, and took over after Williams' death in 1957. Prior to this, he had succeeded Clyde Lewis on 'Herky', which he continued until 1941. Cochran drew the 'Out Our Way' Sunday page until 1966 and the daily strip until 1975. At its height Out Our Way was syndicated in more than 700 newspapers. He also succeeded Bela Zaboly on 'Otto Honk', the companion strip for the Sunday episodes, for a couple of months in 1936.

Out Our Way by Neg Cochran
'Out Our Way', 2 July 1963.

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