Nestor, by Henri Crespi

Henri Crespi has worked for the magazine Vaillant since its creation. Crespi wrote the scenarios for the series about a private investigator named 'Ludo', which was very popular among the Vaillant readers. The artwork of the series was done by Moallic. Apart from 'Ludo', Henri Crespi wrote and illustrated the adventures of the convict 'Nestor', which can be considered a predecessor of Spirou's 'Bobo' by Rosy and Deliège. Henri Crespi has also contributed gag comics and short stories to L'Humanité and L'Humanité Dimanche. Henri Crespi was additionally a novelist, publishing 'La Cigarette' with Julliard in February 1959.

Nestor, by Henri Crespi
Nestor (Pif Gadget #6, 31/03/1969)

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