Ludovic by Marc Moallic
Ludovic (Pif Gadget #8, 14/4/1969)

Marc Moallic is best known as the artist of the 'Ludovic' riddle series that appeared in Pif magazine during the 1970s. Educated at the School of Decorative Arts in Paris, he made his debut as an illustrator in Le Pêle-Mêle in 1928. He subsequently worked for such publications as Le Dimanche Illustré, La Vie de Garnison, Cadet Rousselle and Mirroir du Monde.

Ludovic Enigme, by Marc Moallic (Pif Gadget, 1971)

His first comic was 'Barnabé le Corsaire', published in Ademaï Joseph in 1936. He was art director of Vu between 1936 and 1939. During World War II, Moallic drew for L'Alerte, and after the Liberation, he became art director of Cinévie and Cavalcade. He continued his illustration career in Ici-Paris, V Magazine, Boléro and La Presse. From 1948 to 1962 Moallic drew advertising comics in a supplement of Modes et Travaux magazine.

Ludovic, by Moallic

He was one of the original contributors to Pilote with 'Les Enquêtes de l'Inspecteur Robillard' in 1959. The series, which was written by Pierre Bellemare, became such a success that it also became a radio broadcast on Radio Luxembourg (1960-63). Other comics created by Moallic at the time include 'Les Infaillibles' for Ici-Paris, 'L'Inspecteur Degloire' and 'M. Furette' for La Voix du Nord and Nice-Matin. Moallic additionally drew 'Ça Va Bouillir' in Pilote, and 'Jonas et Casimir' in Mode et Travaux' (1965-1975).

Private investigator 'Ludovic' appeared in Pif with a weekly mystery to be solved by the readers, starting in 1969. The 'Ludovic' series was written by Henri Crespi and ran until the early 1980s. The series gave its name to Ludo, a three-monthly magazine published by Vaillant publishers from 1973. Marc Moallic retired in 1975.

Ludo, by Moallic

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