Mirame... soy Negro, by Mario Cubbino
Mirame... soy Negro! (Blue Jeans #16, 1977)

Mario Cubbino began his career assisting Enzo Dufflocq Magni on the series 'Pantera Bionda' in 1952. Two years later, he illustrated 'Nat Del Santa Cruz' at the publishing house Tristano Torelli and he joined the art studios of Rinaldo Dami. At this studios, Cubbino illustrated several girls comics for the British Amalgamated Press, such as 'My Friend Sara' and 'Shirley'. He eventually moved to London, where he continued to work until 1963. Back in Italy, he returned at Torelli with the series 'Roy Dallas' and 'Pecos Bill'. Cubbino drew the erotic comic 'Zip e Jungla', followed by 'Wallenstein il Mostro' and 'Karzan', in the 1970s.

Shirley, by Mario CubbinoShirley, by Mario Cubbino

He began a collaboration with the magazine Il Corriere dei Ragazzi in 1973, for which he drew several realistic comics, such as 'L'Ombra', scripted by Alfredo Castelli. In addition, Cubbino illustrated 'Edge' with scripts by Argenzio and Tiziano Sclavi in Corrier Boy in 1975. A year later, he illustrated 'Doting Doug', as well as several covers of the magazine Bliz. He has illustrated an episode of 'Zagor' at Bonelli. He has also done some 'Dylan Dog' stories. At Lug publishers, Cubbino has illustrated 'Rick Ross', 'Rod Zey', 'Roi des Profondeurs', 'Roxy' and 'Tahy Tim'. He then became an artist of the 'Diabolik' series.

Shirley, by Mario Cubbino

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