Dylan Dog

Tiziano Sclavi is the creator and writer of the famous Italian series 'Dylan Dog', which started in 1986 and has since gained world-wide fame. The publisher, editing house Bonelli, achieved cult status. The story features a rather bizarrely-named London private eye, Dylan Dog, who specializes in strange and inexplicable mysteries, accompanied by his trusty sidekick, Groucho. The series, which is illustrated by various artists, received an amazing success with critics and the general public. More than one million of copies per month are printed. For American publication, Dark Horse presented an ambitious series of reprints, in English, beginning in March 1999.

Dylan Dog, Italian versionDylan Dog, American version (cover by Mike Mignola)

Some of the artists on Dylan Dog are: Claudio Villa, Roi, Gustavo Trigo, Carlo Ambrosini, Luigi Piccatto, Angelo Stano, Mike Mignola, Andrea Venturi, Giampiero Casertano and Bruno Brindisi.

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