Exploits of Eve, by Wilfred Cyr, 1931

Wilfred Cyr was from Amesbury, Massachusetts, where he was born in 1889 and lived all his life. He was a cripple, only having use of his head and neck, wrist and hands and ankles. Since he could not lift his arms, he used his wrists to move his hands across his work. W.R. Cyr also had a brother Cyril Cyr who was an artist and was afflicted with the same illness. They both were instructors in their own art studio. One of their students was Al Capp, who is said to have been heavily influenced by the strip 'Cabin Boy', by Wilfred Cyr. Wifred Cyr was also the author of the comic strip 'Exploits of Eve', that ran from 1932 to 1937. Later in life, he devoted himself to making miniature portraits of local scenes,

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