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Jean d'Aurian

Pierre Emmanuel Marie PĂ©rusat

(12 December 1870 - 1931?, France)  France

Jean  d'Aurian

from La Semaine de Suzette, by Jean d'Aurian

Jean d'Aurian was a French caricatural illustrator, who was born Pierre-Emmanuel Pérusat in Bordeaux in 1870. He spent five years with the volunteer military before beginning his artistic career in 1894. He settled in the artistic Montmartre district of Paris and published his early works in La Petite Caricature, Le Petit Bleu, Le Rire and Le Pêle-Mêle.

comic art by Jean d'Aurian (1905)

During the following two decades, he was present in most illustrated magazines of the time, including Le Bon Vivant, Le Charivari, La Vie en Culotte Rouge, Mes Cartes Postales, American Illustré, Gil Blas, La vie pour rire, Le Globe-trotter, L'Actualité, Mon bonheur, La Baïonnette, Polichinelle, etc. He was also present in annuals like L'Almanach Nodot and L'Almanach Vermot.

from La Semaine de Suzette, by Jean d'Aurian

He was specialized in moralizing stories with animals as the main protagonists, that were published in magazines like Surprise, La Jeunesse Moderne, Le Petit Journal Illustré de la Jeunesse, Jeudi de la Jeunesse, Diabolo Journal and Le Pon Point Amusant. D'Aurian was one of the regular illustrators for La Semaine de Suzette between 1905 and 1915. It was in the pages of Ma Récreation that a second pseudonym for Pérusat popped up, "All Right".

comic art by Jean d'Aurian (1905)

He was stationed in the barracks of Talanece during World War I, and didn't return to the drawing board until about 1922, when his association with girls' magazine Lisette commenced. In 1923, he drew 'Fanfoué' for the Sunday pages of Le Messager. He was part of the artist collective that produced 'Les Bêtes s'Amusent' for Éditions Mama in 1931. The exact dates and the circumstances of his death around 1931 are unknown.

from La Semaine de Suzette, by Jean d'Aurian

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