Jackaroe by Gianni Dalfiume

Gianni Dalfiume was born in Bologna, Italy, but has lived in Argentina since his early childhood, where he is known as Juan Dalfiume. He started out as a pupil of Miguel Angel Repetto and began his professional career in 1961 in the Bruguera magazine Oklahoma. He subsequently published 'Codicia' and the Oesterheld-scripted space war serial 'El Inconquistable' in Casco de Acero. By 1963 he was present in Hora Cero Extra with 'Viejo Lorne' and 'Guerra en la Sombra', and in Batallas Inolvidables with 'Manila John' and illustrations. He then began a collaboration with Editorial Yago, drawing series like 'Dos Valientes', 'Venganza' and 'Una Sonrisa', and then 'Doc Sandy', 'Legión Extranjera' and 'Shane' in Misterix.

Comic from Casco de Acero by Juan Dalfiume
From Casco de Acero (1962)

In 1965, he made an adaptation of the 'Doctor Zhivago' film for Editorial Columba, that was followed by 'Comisario Salcedo' and 'Sangre al Amanecer' in D'Artagnan. It was for this magazine that he made his best-known work, the spaghetti-western 'Jackaroe', with Robin Wood. He continued to work for Columba throughout the 1970s and 1980s, not only as an artist but also writing scripts for artists like Lucho Olivera and Gustavo Trigo. During this period, he was responsible for serials like 'Malaysia', 'El Virginiano', 'Shannon', 'Pier, el Corso' (with Alvarez Cao), 'Leyenda Apache', 'Siux' (with Ricardo Ferrari) and comic adaptations of films.

Pier El Corso by Gianni Dalfiume
Pier, el Corso

Dalfiume has also done agency work for foreigh publishers. He worked for the comic books published by Charlton Comics in the US between 1966 and 1968, and produced artwork for British and Scottish publishers between 1970 and 1973. He has also made appearances in magazines like Billiken, Turay and Superhumor, in the latter with 'Ona indian', 'Setenta veces siete' and 'No matarás', features that were drawn in a more deviant style. He made a comic about the life of Juan Bautista Bairoletto for Fierro in 1986.

He ended his work for Columba in 1987 and made 'Sir John', 'McKena' (with Ray Collins) and 'Frontera Mexicana' for Eura in Italy. He left the field of comics in the late 1980s, but his series 'Jaceroe' has been reprinted on several occasions in the decades that followed. Juan Dalfiume was additionally a drawing teacher at the Pan American School of Art in 1983 and 1984.

Hermano Blanco by Gianni Dalfiume
Hermano Blanca (Superhumor, 1982)

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