Star Wars, by Rodolfo Damaggio
Star Wars - The Phantom Menace

Rodolfo Damaggio was born in Brazil as the son of an Italian immigrant father. He grew up around art, since his father was an amateur oil painter, and reading Europan comic books like 'Tintin' by Hergé and 'Astérix' by Albert Uderzo and René Goscinny. He had his first art job while in high school at Antonio Guilhermino's ad agency. Guilhermino also introduced him to the art of Frank Frazetta and Moebius, and painting in gouache. Other influences on his art were the magazines Mad Magazine, Heavy Metal, Eerie and Creepy. He moved to Sao Paulo at age 19, where he got a job with Walbery Ribas Camargo's animation studio Start Desenhos Animados, where he was involved in animation for television commercials and short films.

He eventually got the opportunity to go to the United States, where he has worked in the comic book industry and on major Hollywood productions. He has served as concept illustrator and storyboard artist on such film productions as concept 'Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones' (2002), 'The Scorpion King' (2002), 'Iron Man' (2008) and 'Captain America: The First Avenger' (2011).

He has illustrated Henry Gilroy's comic adaptation of the 'Star Wars' film 'The Phantom Menace', that was published by Dark Horse in 1999. He has also drawn for several of DC's 'Batman' titles, including the 'Batman & Robin' adaptation of the movie (1997) and the 'Batman/Predator III' crossover (1997). In 1995-1996, he furthermore had a run on 'Green Arrow' with Chuck Dixon, who called him "one of the greatest natural draftsmen ever to draw comics".

Green Arrow by Rodolfo Damaggio
Green Arrow #105

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