Van Bruaene by De Marck
'Van Bruaene'

Marc Daniëls is one half of the creator duo De Mark & De Wulf, which he forms with Rik De Wulf. Together they make the popular philately duo 'Stam & Pilou' (1999), under the collective pseudonym Studio Max! They've also made celebrity comics about cyclist Eddy Planckaert ('De Planckaerts'), Chris van den Durpel's comedic character Kamiel Spiessens ('Kamiel in Vuur en Vlam!') and table tennis player Jean-Michel Saive. Their most unusual comic book project is a loose biographical series about Brussels painter Geert van Bruaene, which has been translated in Dutch, French and English. 

De Planckaerts, by De Marck & De Wulf
'De Planckaerts'. The name of the French fries shop 'Barac Friture' is a pun on the Belgian mountain Baraque de Fraiture. 

Marc Daniëls was born in 1959. After his education in Fine Arts from the Royal Atheneum Brussels in Jette, he drew cartoons, illustrations and gags for socio-cultural publications and political cartoons for newspapers from Brussels. He also did commissions for the private sector, and drew gags with 'Cas & Joeber' for local and regional newspapers.His collaboration with Rik De Wulf started with the 'Moya Moya' comic, and corporate illustrations. They began Studio Max!, and focused on the production of comics, commercial illustrations and comics workshops. In 1999, they were assigned by the Belgian philately to create two mascots for a new philately collecting club. These became 'Stam & Pilou', a boy and a girl who live in the same neighbourhood. They are good friends and often pitted against their grandfather, Fons, who used to be a postman but is now a collector of stamps. Originally the series only appeared in the official magazine of De Post, but it was so popular that they were published in book format too.'Stam & Pilou' was inked by Jos Vanspauwen.

Together with their co-workers, De Wulf and De Marck are also responsible for a celebrity comics version of the reality TV show 'De Planckaerts' (2004-2005), about Belgian cyclist Eddy Planckaert and his family. In 2007 De Wulf and De Marck created a one-shot educational and celebrity comic book at the same time. The album, 'Kamiel in Vuur en Vlam!' (2007), was intended to educate readers about fire prevention on behalf of the fire brigade of the town St. Niklaas. The protagonist in this particular book was Kamiel Spiessens, a comedic character by Flemish comedian Chris Van den Durpel.In 2012 De Marck published another celebrity comic, 'Jean-Michel Saive', about real-life Belgian table tennis champion Jean-Michel Saive. 

In 2011 De Marck created a seven-part comics series about Brussels painter and art dealer Geert Van Bruaene (1891-1964). His scriptwriter was Danny Verbiest, best known as the voice and creator of the popular children's show 'Samson en Gert' (which has been adapted into a comic earlier by Wim Swerts and Jean-Pol). The comics series is only loosely based on the real life of Van Bruaene and set in Brussels during the 1930s. Both Hergé and René Magritte have cameos. The series has been published in both Dutch, French and English. 

Since 1 June 2011 the series 'Stam & Pilou' has its own comic book mural inside the La Fleur en Papier Doré in the Rue des Alexiens / Cellebroersstraat 53/5 in Brussels, as part of the Brussels' Comic Book Route.

Stam & Pilou, by Studio Max
'Stam & Pilou'.

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