Stam & Pilou, by Rik De Wulf

Rick De Wulf is one half of the artist duo De Marck & De Wulf, that works under the umbrella of Studio Max! on the popular philately comic 'Stam & Pilou'. De Wulf began his career drawing for children's publications, and working as a lay-out man at publishing house Infodok in Leuven. During this early period, he created the comics characters 'Smodder' and 'Snuffel en Miel'. He then created the weekly gag series 'Happy' for De Stipkrant, a supplement of Het Nieuwsblad/De Gentenaar. He also made series like 'Koning Arthur' (as "Pias") and 'Lancelot', that appeared in Suske en Wiske Weekblad and the related holiday books. In 1994, he joined Merho's art team, and cooperated on about 30 'Kiekeboe' albums.

Koning Arthur by Rik Dewulf (Pias)
Koning Arthur

De Wulf's collaboration with Marc Daniëls (De Marck) started with the 'Moya Moya' comic, and corporate illustrations. They began Studio Max!, and focused on the production of comics, commercial illustrations and comics workshops. In 1999, they were assigned by the Belgian philately to design two comics characters as the mascots of a new philately collecting club. This resulted in 'Stam & Pilou', the leading strip in the club's magazine and a series of albums. Together with their co-workers, De Wulf and De Marck are also responsible for a comics version of the TV family 'De Planckaerts' (2004-2005).

In 2007 De Wulf and De Marck created a one-shot educational and celebrity comic book at the same time. The album, 'Kamiel in Vuur en Vlam!' (2007), was intended to educate readers about fire prevention on behalf of the fire brigade of the town St. Niklaas. The protagonist in this particular book was Kamiel Spiessens, a comedic character by Flemish comedian Chris Van den Durpel.

Stam & Pilou, by Studio Max

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