La Jolie Fille de Perth, by Mariel Dauphin
'La Jolie Fille de Perth'. 

Mariel Dauphin was married to Jacques Naret, an artist with whom she has cooperated on comics for the French press. She started out working as an illustrator, working for Regard and L'Ecran Français. She focused on comic adaptations of literary works for the press during the 1950's. Mostly with her husband as scriptwriter, she adapted works like 'Marie-Claire' (1956), 'La Flèche Noire' (1965), 'La Tulipe Noire' (1971), 'La Jolie Fille de Perth' (1974) and 'Le Château des Carpathes' (1976) in L'Humanité. On the strip 'Hélène et les Barbares', Dauphin took on scriptwriting duties, while Naret did the artwork. In 1952, Dauphin had also made 'L'Enfance de Charlie Chaplin' in Radio Liberté.

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