Les Premiers Hommes sur la Lune, by Jacques Naret
'Riche Capture'. 

Jacques Naret adapted many famous literary works to comics. He had a close collaboration with his wife, Mariel Dauphin, started right after World War II. Together they produced numerous comic adaptations for the Communist press until the 1970s, like 'La Découverte du Professeur Equerre' and 'Le Capitaine Corcoran'.

A teacher in everyday life, Naret was mainly engaged with the scripts and Dauphin with the artwork. However, on 'Hélène et les Barbares' Naret took on the artwork. With 'Les Premiers Hommes sur la Lune' (1960), Naret adapted the 1901 novel 'The First Men on the Moon' by H. G. Wells, showing a strange and poetic voyage to the moon. This daily comic was also printed in two books.

Other comic strips include 'Pierrot Le Fol' (1949), 'Les Voyages de Gulliver' (1954), 'Le Dernier des Mohicans' (1956), 'Mon Oncle Benjamin' (1958), 'Le Camé Mystérieux' (1964), 'Le Monde Perdu' (1966), 'Kidnappé' (1973), 'Catriona' (1974) and 'La Guerre des Salamandres' (1978).

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