Schanulleke, by Eric de Rop

Eric de Rop had his first job inking pages of 'Zilverpijl' for Frank Sels, through his father, Vandersteen co-worker Eduard De Rop. He then offered his work to Studio Vandersteen in 1971 where he became an inker on the production of 'Jerom' stories for the German market, and on several gag pages of 'De Familie Snoek' for TV Ekspress. He made his personal debut in 1973 with 'Ylian contra Wereldschrik', which was published in Koerier and in Ohee in 1975.

After his military service, he became a staff artist at Studio Vandersteen. Between 1974 and 1976 he inked 'Robert en Bertrand' and assisted on 'Suske en Wiske'. He left the studio in 1976 and worked with Jef Nys on the backgrounds of 'Jommeke' until 1982. He then focused on the German market for a while, making sports cartoons for the Frankfurter Allgemeine, before becaming an independent comic artist in 1984. During this period he worked with artists like Jean-Pol ('Annie en Peter') and Eddy Ryssack ('Sport Billy').

Bloemlezing by Eric de Rop

De Rop also renewed his association with Studio Vandersteen and inked the first albums of 'De Geuzen', and did art on the 'Suske en Wiske' album 'De Ruige Regen'. He eventually became the main inker on 'Suske En Wiske', working with the artists Paul Geerts, Marc Verhaegen and Luc Morjaeu. Starting in 1988, he illustrated over 300 gags with Wiske's doll 'Schanulleke' for Okki from scripts by Patty Klein, and in later years, also inked 'Klein Suske en Wiske'.

Kat en Hond by Eric de RopSaroma by Eric de Rop

In the 1990s, De Rop created several series for Suske en Wiske Weekblad, including 'Bloemlezing' (under the pen name Eric) 'Doebidoe' (using the name Ropson) and 'Ribbedebie'. He also created 'Kat en Hond' for Stripkrant and 'Kapoen' for Het Belgisch Warmbloedpaard (1994-2001). De Rop has additionally assisted on Merho's 'Kiekeboe' series, and done art on commercial comics for companies like Ebes, Saroma and Verkade.

The last active artist of Willy Vandersteen's studio in Kalmthout, Eric De Rop retired in 2015. He has been making cartoons and illustrations for the politically Antwerp weekly 't Pallieterke since 2013, though. This includes the series 'Toogpraat', of a book collection was published by 't Mannekesblad in 2016.

Ribbedebie by Eric de Rop

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